Case Studies

Matera, where Festa della Bruna takes place


The festival is a historic celebration now in its 635th edition. It is famous for its triumphant papier-mâché float, which is built every year and pulled by decorated mules. In the evening, the float is “torn apart” in the square, and participants keep the pieces as a good luck charm.


Nella Cripta del Tempo is journey through time to tell the story of the place that Leonardo Da Vinci defined as the “true center” of Milan.

NURE: Art case study. Two man interacting with 3D models wearing VR headset


NURE is a Mixed Reality application for an immersive and engaging visit to a Nuragic site. The augmented visit is a shared experience, during which a professional tour guide accompanies a group of visitors to the archaeological site.


The PIOLA project, carried out in collaboration with Arch. Daniele Villa and Arch. Lorenzo Ceccon from the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Politecnico di Milano, aimed to revitalize the neighborhood of Piola by integrating new university buildings.